LeeMAH Electronics has a broad experience base spread across numerous industries within the industrial market place. Our experience includes:

  • Test Instrumentation
  • Gas Chromatography Analyzers
  • Microwave Communication Products
  • Winery Control Solutions
  • Time and Frequency Products
  • Telecommunications Transport Products
  • Measurement and Control Products
  • Telco Access Solutions
  • Flow meters and mass flow controllers for gas, liquid, or steam applications.
  • Micro motor and encoder technology
  • Firefighting thermal imaging
  • Optical emission instruments
  • Field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications
  • Professional pest management
  • Boutique consumer products
  • Opto-mechanical solutions for sensing and illumination applications
  • Automated scanning probe microscopes
  • Laser power meters
  • Physical access control systems (PACS)
  • Engineered power solutions to OEMs – in the medical, renewable energy, automation and power distribution industries
  • Critical incident notification systems
  • Mobile black carbon sensors
  • High-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion products
  • Electrical distribution switchgear Central Recording Unit for Oil and Gas Research
  • Integrated access control and intrusion detection certified to protect critical assets.
  • Dental Porcelain Ovens
  • Desktop CNC Machine
  • Laser power measurement power probe products
  • Vibration monitoring systems
  • Repeatable testing solutions of storage-related devices
  • Actively enhanced atmosphere technology and comprehensively documented real-time monitoring and control

AS-9100D & ISO:9001-2015  •  ITAR Registered   •  IPC-J-STD CIT   •  IPC-A-610 CIT 

•  REACH  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIT  •  IPC Member •  FDB  •  NMSDC-MBE

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